Bounce back, better

2020 challenged us to think differently about the events industry. Where others saw adversity, we saw opportunity - to create a future-proofed platform to make your events easier.


How Emma came about

When the global pandemic brought events to a standstill, we got to work. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Emma isn't just an all-encompassing event management and fundraising technology, it's also the most ethical platform out there.

How Emma came about

How Emma works

Emma will quickly become an essential member of your team. Combining the best features of all other platforms, Emma provides the perfect assistance to help you reach your event objectives.

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Who should use Emma?

Erupting with features and benefits, Emma is an ecosystem for any type of event, making the job of an Event Manager as easy as possible.

Although the technology has some unique fundraising features, the platform can be used for an event of any nature.

View some examples on the page below.

Case Studies

Emma also contains an incredible auction item marketplace and venue finder database. To learn how to become a supplier or list a venue, visit the appropriate page below.

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8 reasons to book your demo

The best way to see how Emma can help achieve your goals is to start using the technology.

A seamless guest experience

Increased fundraising revenue

Boost your productivity

Store all events in one place

Support when you need it the most

A feature for everything you need

Full control of your event finances

A simple solution in a complex landscape

Emma's team

Whilst Emma has ambitious goals, she can't do it alone. Our dream team shares the same core values and is committed to delivering the highest standard of technology and service.

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Emma & our industry

A career in event management was cited as the fifth most stressful job in 2019, just behind being in the army.

The powerful statistics below, from EventWell (The Mental Health and Wellbeing Voice of the Event Industry), prove how stressful organising an event can be and we wanted to do something about it.

One in three event professionals will experience a period of mental ill health each year, 42% of event professionals have changed their job due to stress, and 75% have felt stressed in the past 12 months. Staggering statistics!

Emma knows the challenges of this world with managing demands, suppliers, clients and deadlines. We hope that Emma can help you with these daily challenges and we have signed the EventWell manifesto. Have you?


Let Emma share the burden

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