Frequently Asked Questions

Yes indeed. If you only have one event a year or just want to trial EMMA then you can select the 'Essential' pricing option.

Yes - you can add multiple users to your EMMA account so that they can help you with your event tasks.

No. Although EMMA does have an amazing fundraising product range, the platform has been designed for all nature of events from big to small and from corporate to charity.

We firmly believe we have created the most ethical, flexible, user friendly product out there. Click here for more information or book a demo to discuss the benefits in more detail.

We would be sad to see you go and hope you come back one day but, we will not renew your annual subscription and will extract all your data for you to take with you.

Should one of your winning bidders not take up their item within the allotted time, despite various automatic reminders, you will receive 100% of the bid price as a donation on which you will also be able to reclaim gift aid too! Click here for more information.

Many 3rd party item providers add a margin on to the cost price; we don't believe in that. When we source an item for you, it is priced directly by the provider and that's what you pay.

We want to provide you with an ethical and transparent system and form a partnership that you can trust. I mean, really trust. We are focused on charities as that is the world we are born out of. We want to provide you with all the best technologies, and unlike other partnerships, we're going to grow together.

Whichever pricing plan you select you have access to the system and EMMA community for 12 months. Once this period expires you will have the option to renew or not.

Yes - EMMA is fully GDPR compliant. We take data and security very seriously.

EMMA was born and raised in London, UK however she knows no boundaries. With the ability to transact in multiple currencies the platform can be used globally.

It is recommended. With it being 2021 and all that, everyone is used to transacting through their phones rather than tablets at events. One of the key benefits to this is data and payment security as well as not having to pass round a dirty tablet that could be riddled with nasties.

No. There is no minimum number of items you have to add to your auction if running a fundraising event. Subsequently, as all items are listed at cost price, taking items does not affect the annual subscription fee.

No. Everything on EMMA is 100% transparent. Our card processing fees are 2.5%, lower than most on the market, and other than that and your annual subscription there is nothing more to pay... unless you go for our bespoke event management option of course.

EMMA is not cheap to keep but we do our best to keep it affordable. Your subscription fee covers your event platform costs as well as your ongoing membership to the EMMA community.

Yes. If you feel EMMA really isn't right for you, within 14 days of subscribing, we will consider a full refund on a case by case basis.

We will always do our best to provide first class service and technology however we appreciate there may be times we get things wrong. If this is the case then please visit our Complaints Policy & Procedure for next steps.

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